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Adult Baby Stories
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Adult Baby Stories

All of these stories are for Adult Babies/Diaper Lovers and those who have a love of soft plastic baby pants.
These stories are for Adults Only and all actors were 18 years or older at the time of recording.
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Listen to our sexy girls having naughty fun with adult baby boys!
Gorgeous Rubber Nurses putting their patients in diapers!
Angry wives humiliating their husbands and regressing them to nappy wetting sissy baby girls!
Sexy young babysitters who can't resist playing with you and giving you "creamies" during nappy changes!
Adult baby girls who need attention from you!
Stories so HOT you'll be shooting your load in your nappy & plastic pants!

Wife finds husbands nappy stash

You thought you had it hidden away from your wife!But she's been cleaning up and now your secret is finally out!But what will she do when you come home from work?!

Time lenght 4:43
2.99 €

Sexy schoolgirls have fun with pervert in plastic pants

While Chloe's parents are away on holiday she meets a guy online and invites him over. When Chloe's friend Sasha arrives she finds the guy tied to Chloe's wardrobe wearing plastic pants and a gasmask! Find out what these naughty schoolgirls get up to with their pervert!

Time lenght 3:06
2.99 €

High class escort for adult baby

A gorgeous high class escort comes to visit you! Dressed in a very sexy outfit she teases you and changes your wet nappy. Lots of breastfeeding and hot sex in nappies and plastic pants!

Time lenght 4:05
2.99 €

Chambermaid discovers guest in nappies: part 1

A sexy chambermaid makes a shocking discovery when she cleans one of the rooms in a top London hotel.

Time lenght 4:57
2.99 €

Chambermaid discovers guest in nappies: part 2

You'd never believe just what goes on in some hotels and this chambermaid thought she's seen it all..until now!

Time lenght 6:01
2.99 €

Changing time for naughty schoolboys

The school nappy nurse is on duty today. It's time for you to go and see her to get your wet nappy changed. She'll change you while the other boys look on as they suck on their dummies!

Time lenght 4:27
2.99 €

Wife interrupts husband's baby time

This woman returns home unexpectedly after forgetting her purse and interrupts something!Her husband was asleep in bed when she left but when she comes back she catches him red-handed and he's carrying a bag. But what's inside?!

Time lenght 4:36
2.99 €

Wife and best friend make husband creamy in his nappy

After catching her husband in nappies earlier,she meets her best friend Carly and tells her what happened.So they both decide to have some sexy fun with their new big baby!

Time lenght 2:43
2.99 €

Baby husband gets fucked by PVC nurse and latex nanny

This shocked woman has only just found out about her husband's nappy fetish but she already has her friend Carly over to help with nappy changing and cocksucking!And they've got some sexy outfits to make sure he cums in his nappy!

Time lenght 3:33
2.99 €

Wife takes you to a mistress to get fucked

Your wife came home early and found you wearing nappies again! And dressed up in Sissy baby clothes too! You remember what she said if she caught you wearing nappies again don't you! That's right! She's taking you to a Mistress to get fucked like the Sissy Baby Slut you are!

Time lenght 3:46
2.99 €

Glamour models introduction to the adult baby scene: part 1

Jackie is a sexy young glamour model. She turns up for a photoshoot to discover it's for the adult baby fetish! She gets into the role a little too much!

Time lenght 7:41
2.99 €

Glamour models introduction to the adult baby scene: part 2

Jackie wets her nappy during the photoshoot and gets really turned on! She see's the photographer has an erection so she sucks his cock til he cums all over her baby dress and plastic panties!

Time lenght 6:29
2.99 €

My daddy likes me to wear nappies

This submissive girl tells you all about her boyfriend who is now her "daddy".She accidentally wet her panties one day and now her daddy makes her wear nappies and plastic panties all the time.Listen to the kinky things she does with her daddy!

Time lenght 3:23
2.99 €

Nanny Sarah adult baby nursery: part 1

Nanny tells you all about her adult baby nursery and all the naughty things that go on there!

Time lenght 5:37
2.99 €

Nanny Sarah adult baby nursery: part 2

Nanny explains about her adult baby husband and how the young babysitters help out with his nappy changing!

Time lenght 5:47
2.99 €

Nanny Sarah adult baby nursery: part 3

In the final part of this story you can here babysitters Jodie & Clarissa having kinky baby fun with nanny's husband as she looks on!

Time lenght 3:44
2.99 €

School nappy nurse

The nappy nurse is ready to change your wet nappy. She'll clean you up and put you in a nice dry nappy and plastic pants!

Time lenght 2:44
2.99 €

Time for another creamy

Aw baby..have you been crying because you want nanny to give you another creamy? Well you just have to let nanny know.She'll rub your little willy until baby cream shoots out of it and make baby feel nice!

Time lenght 3:26
2.99 €

What is it that you like about nappies?

She knows that you like nappies but wants to know why. She talks all about nappies and all the different types there are. Maybe she'll guess what it is that you really like about nappies!

Time lenght 1:56
2.99 €

Suck mummy's tits while I wank you off

Do you want to suck on mummy's big soft breasts? Come on then darling! I'll rub you through your nappy while you suck on my nice big nipples!Mummy likes you to suck your thumb while she wanks you!

Time lenght 5:00
2.99 €

Good babies get rimjobs

Nanny has locked your little worm in a chastity cage inside your nappy and she's about to unlock you.You're desperate for an orgasm so since you've been a good baby she's going to lick your arse until you cum!She might even let you cum twice!

Time lenght 3:00
2.99 €

A spunky nappy makes nanny happy: part 1

Nanny has a new toy for one of her lucky babies!It was delivered by Dave the postman who always gets his nappy changed when he delivers to Nanny.He's always wet and Nanny likes to make him cum in his nappy too before he continues on his rounds!

Time lenght 3:42
2.99 €

A spunky nappy makes nanny happy: part 2

After Nanny made Dave the postman cum in his wet nappy she heads up to the nursery with her new toy for her adult baby boy.It's an inflatable vibrating butt plug with a cock and ball attachment and will get Nanny the spunky nappy that she loves!

Time lenght 3:16
2.99 €

The plastic baby pants nurse introduces you to Nurse Stevens

Nurse Gordon, the "plastic baby pants nurse" takes Peter & David through to Nurse Stevens. She's impressed with the amount cum in their plastic baby pants and Nurse Gordon tells Nurse Stevens about her sexy plans for the evening!

Time lenght 2:39
2.99 €

Enema'd with his own baby bottle

Nanny is having problems with one of her babies who is refusing to take his bottle!She would breastfeed him but he's been playing with his willy when she wasn't looking!He has to take his milk one way or another so she decides to give him several baby bottle milk enemas until he learns to behave himself!

Time lenght 3:45
2.99 €

The plastic baby pants nurse: part 1

If you have a fetish for real baby size plastic pants then Nurse Gordon can help!She's the "plastic baby pants nurse" and she invites you into her special room to explain what happens!

Time lenght 3:27
2.99 €

The plastic baby pants nurse: part 2

Nurse Gordon, the "plastic baby pants nurse" helps Peter & David cum again and again in their plastic baby pants! And when she's finished with them she wants to do it to you.. if you let her!

Time lenght 4:04
2.99 €

De-spunked in diapers

When your last girlfriend said you were a "baby dick loser" who should be in baby diapers, instead of getting upset you realised that's what you REALLY are!So now you have to wear baby diapers to get hard!

Time lenght 2:25
2.99 €

Why can't I have a man instead of a baby?

Your wife encouraged your adult baby fetish to begin with but things have gone too far!She has needs of her own but you can't satisfy her anymore because you're a baby all the time now!What will she do?

Time lenght 4:02
2.99 €

Bedtime nappy wank

Mummy was watching TV in the next room and thought you were settled in your cot. When she hears you crying she comes in and thinks you need changing.But when she checks your nappy it's still dry but soon realises the reason you want her attention!

Time lenght 3:04
2.99 €

Threesome with a twist: part 1

This kinky married couple have been wanting to have a threesome.So while John's at work his wife arranges someone to come over for some kinky fun with them. But John wasn't expecting her to be an adult baby girl!

Time lenght 3:37
2.99 €

Threesome with a twist: part 2

This kinky married couple have been wanting to have a threesome for while and now they have Candie who is an adult baby girl!John's wife loves this role-play scenario and makes sure both him and Candie have as much fun as her!

Time lenght 3:20
2.99 €

Rubber baby fun

Mistress Helena is a real life Mistress who loves looking after adult babies!She wants to tell you all about her "Rubber Baby" and what she did when he visited her and her adult baby girl Candie!

Time lenght 1:25
2.99 €

Hot MILF keeps her husband in nappies: part 1

Abby is the beautiful "Trophy Wife" of a multi-millionaire businessman and all seems well..until she finds him cheating on her with 2 whores! With the help of her mother and sister she finds a way to stop him doing this ever again!

Time lenght 4:31
2.99 €

Hot MILF keeps her husband in nappies: part 2

Abby's mum and sister get her to come over so they can show her all the adult babywear that has arrived for her cheating husband!They go through all the boxes and are amazed at all the stuff,but Abby is having second thoughts about going through with it!

Time lenght 4:18
2.99 €

Hot MILF keeps her husband in nappies: part 3

Abby goes ahead with her plan and confronts her cheating husband red-handed with the 2 whores in their marital bedroom!He panics..they leave.. and she starts to put her plan into action to turn him into her "adultbaby husband"!

Time lenght 4:00
2.99 €

Hot MILF keeps her husband in nappies: part 4

Abby left her husband listening to the regression CD and soon he's turned into a little nappy wearing adult baby girl!She sends photos to her Mum & Sister and both are desperate to come over and see him!

Time lenght 3:37
2.99 €

Hot MILF keeps her husband in nappies: part 5

Abby's Mum and Sister arrive first thing in the morning and they can't wait to see Abby's new baby husband!They love what she's done to him and can't wait to change his soaking wet nappy.And John just lies there sucking his dummy while his wife watches them fuss over him!

Time lenght 3:30
2.99 €

Hot MILF keeps her husband in nappies: part 6

Abby's shocked at just how much her Mum revels in turning Abby's cheating husband into a helpless baby!Abby thinks of backing out for a second but her Mum & Sister are on a mission to humiliate him for fucking around behind his gorgeous wife's back!

Time lenght 4:23
2.99 €

Hot MILF keeps her husband in nappies: part 7

With her cheating husband now totally regressed to a helpless baby Abby sells his business without his consent for £12M.Then she offers the 2 high class whores he cheated on her with an offer they couldn't refuse to be his full time babysitters!

Time lenght 4:52
2.99 €

Hot MILF keeps her husband in nappies: part 8

With the 2 ex-whores now John's babysitters, Abby hires in well hung studs to fuck her!Sean..her favorite,wants to fuck her in her baby husband's nursery while the girls change his nappy and baby John ends up shooting his baby cream for the first time in months!

Time lenght 4:33
2.99 €

Hot MILF keeps her husband in nappies: part 9

Abby's baby husband sleeps in his cot while she gets involved in a sex orgy with his sexy babysitters and her favourite stud Sean!All this is happening in his nursery and it only serves to make the whole thing even more kinky and naughty!

Time lenght 3:30
2.99 €

Hot MILF keeps her husband in nappies: part 10

Abby's husband is completely regressed now and lives his life as a baby 24/7.While his needs are tended to by Rubber Nurses, Abby spends his millions that she got by selling his business and lives a life of luxury while he knows nothing about it!

Time lenght 2:38
2.99 €

Nurses and patient plastic pants fun: part 1

Clare is a student nurse who has just started work at the local hospital. She is working with Kimberly and Susan. It's a relatively quiet night until a bedwetting patient is switched to their ward!

Time lenght 5:11
2.99 €

Nurses and patient plastic pants fun: part 2

Susan takes charge of the bedwetting patient and decides that he should be put into a nappy and plastic pants. She asks the other nurses if they want to watch while she diapers him!

Time lenght 4:56
2.99 €

Nurses and patient plastic pants fun: part 3

Susan asks Clare and Kimberly if they want to join her in some very naughty sexy fun with their diapered patient! They don't need asking twice and the sexy nurses even wear plastic baby pants while they suck his cock ,lick his balls and rim his arse til he cums!

Time lenght 7:20
2.99 €

Susan babysits her sissy baby: part 1

Susan arrives to look after a sissy adult baby while Mrs Sanderson goes out for the evening. As soon as Susan's left alone with the sissy baby she can't resist getting up to some naughty fun!

Time lenght 3:51
2.99 €

Susan babysits her sissy baby: part 2

Susan takes a vibrator out of her bag and fucks her tight wet cunt as her sissy baby watches her cum! Then she fucks him with it as he sucks his dummy!

Time lenght 4:40
2.99 €

I caught my husband in nappies

Donna has been married to John for 18 years. Their sex life hasn't been good for a while and one day she discovers why!

Time lenght 7:07
2.99 €

My husband confesses all about his baby desires

Donna's husband tells her that he is an adult baby! She's shocked and upset at first but then decides to indulge him!

Time lenght 7:07
2.99 €

I wanked my husband in his nappy as he watched adult baby porn

John shows Donna his favourite adult baby website and she wanks him into his nappy as he looks at sexy adult baby girls!

Time lenght 7:37
2.99 €

Sexy bath time for baby boy

After Donna has masturbated her adult baby husband in his nappy she runs him a bath while she prepares a little surprise for him!

Time lenght 5:50
2.99 €

My baby husband gave me the fuck of my life

When John finishes his bath he finds his beautiful wife Donna dressed up as an adult baby girl! They end up having the best sex ever!!

Time lenght 5:15
2.99 €

The adult baby club: part 1

Jackie loves the adult baby fetish so much that Mike the photographer ends up being her "daddy"! He takes her to an "Adult Baby Night" at a club in town where very naughty fun ensues!

Time lenght 6:08
2.99 €

The adult baby club: part 2

Daddy Mike leaves baby Jackie to have fun with some of the other adult babies. She looks on as a baby boy gets his nappy changed by 2 young babysitters. But before they put him in a dry nappy they play with his stiff cock until he shoots his sticky load all over their hands!

Time lenght 5:54
2.99 €

The adult baby club: part 3

Daddy Mike gets in on the action with 3 sexy rubber nurses! Baby Jackie enjoys some sexy fun with the nurses too! A very hot climax to this story!

Time lenght 7:41
2.99 €

Angry wife forces her husband into nappies

You've pissed the bed again! Right that's it! I'm going to put you in nappies and plastic pants from now on!

Time lenght 4:02
2.99 €

The diaper clinic

It's time for your appointment at the diaper clinic. The nurse is ready to see you now!

Time lenght 6:19
2.99 €

Do you love plastic pants?

A sexy young girl is waiting to put you in a pair of plastic pants and she wants to suck your cock through them til you cum inside the plastic!

Time lenght 2:57
2.99 €

You're wearing nappies again!

So you're wearing nappies again! I'm going to make you wank yourself off in your nappy while I play with my pussy..and I want to see you squirm when you cum!

Time lenght 2:11
2.99 €

Incontinent woman needs a man to fuck her: part 1

Joanne is a pretty 28 year old but she has a wetting problem and needs to wear nappies. But her husband Ben is appalled so she needs a man to fuck her!

Time lenght 5:29
2.99 €

Incontinent woman needs a man to fuck her: part 2

Joanne meets a guy online who wants to have sexy nappy fun with her! She arranges to meet him at a hotel and she gets well and truly fucked while wearing sexy lingerie and of course her nappy!

Time lenght 6:10
2.99 €

Incontinent woman needs a man to fuck her: part 3

In the final part of this story Joanne is re-diapered in her very wet and spunky nappy! She is completely satisfied now that she has been fucked in nappies!

Time lenght 5:57
2.99 €

Kinky slut loves to be fucked in nappies

Chanelle is a 21 year old girl who not only loves to wear nappies,she loves to be fucked while she wears them too!Pull her plastic pants down and slide your cock into her tight pussy!She's gagging for it and always pisses when she cums!

Time lenght 4:14
2.99 €

Fun with nanny and her babysitters: part 1

Sean goes to visit Nanny and her babysitters. Lots of sexy fun with Nanny and her gorgeous girls!

Time lenght 6:59
2.99 €

Fun with nanny and her babysitters: part 2

Sean enjoys more babying at the hands of his beautiful nanny and sexy babysitters. Lots of nappy and plastic pants sexy fun!

Time lenght 4:36
2.99 €

Fun with nanny and her babysitters: part 3

Sean wakes up in nanny's nursery and is introduced to new babysitter Karen. Karen and Mia take off his wet nappy and they see his erection. They shave him and then they both take turns licking his arse and sucking his cock and balls and they both share his baby cum!

Time lenght 4:55
2.99 €

Kinky nurse fingers your arse as you cum in plastic baby pants

This kinky nurse has a special present for you! If you like the idea of being put into plastic baby pants by a hot nurse then this is the story for you. She'll make you cum in your plastic baby pants!

Time lenght 3:57
2.99 €

I'll milk you while my boyfriend watches

This horny bitch wants to have some fun with you..just as long as her boyfriend watches!He's tied up in the corner wearing a nappy and plastic pants and she wants to put you in nappies and plastic pants too before she milks your cock dry!

Time lenght 4:47
2.99 €

Spanked for wetting your nappy

Oh you are a bad baby! Nanny's only just changed you and you're wet again! She's very angry with you so expect a very sore bottom!

Time lenght 2:33
2.99 €

My boyfriend wears nappies in public: part 1

When I met my new boyfriend after work I was with another girl.I knew about his nappy fetish but didn't realise he'd be wearing one under his jeans!And she saw it and made him wet it!How embarrassing!

Time lenght 3:46
2.99 €

My boyfriend wears nappies in public: part 2

Listen to this girl and her friend Karen both wank off her boyfriend and make him shoot his cum into his nappy!Lots of sexy nappy and plastic threesome fun!

Time lenght 3:06
2.99 €

It's me or your nappies

I didn't mind you wearing nappies at home but you've started wearing them to go out,and now my friends know!I've had enough!It's me or your nappies!

Time lenght 2:08
2.99 €